New Construction Waterproofing

New Construction Waterproofing

Quality Waterproofing is the leading provider of new construction residential waterproofing services in the St. Louis area. We work with many of the area’s largest builders to provide high quality, efficient waterproofing services without impeding the construction process. From the day the home is built to years after it is sold, you will be glad you chose Quality Waterproofing as your one stop waterproofing contractor.

We offer a full line of waterproofing choices to cover every need in the industry, and only use premier products to provide the best coverage available.

Our base product is the BoneDry® Waterproofing Membrane — a high quality, high performance water-based asphalt emulsion product with 5% polymer content.

Quality Waterproofing is committed to only spraying solvent-free products due to the high risk of explosion and flammable vapors associated with solvents. Before hiring a waterproofing contractor, every builder should ensure that their job site will be solvent free.

More specifically, we offer the followings services:


New Construction Waterproofing - Damproofing

This product provides a warranty on the foundation waterproofing for 1 year from the date of application. This product has a 5% polymer base and is applied at a thickness of 20 mils.

2-Year Waterproofing

New Construction Waterproofing - 2-Year Waterproofing

This product provides a warranty on the foundation for 2 years from the date of application. The product has a 5% polymer base and is applied at an average thickness of 30-35 mils.

10-Year Waterproofing

New Construction Waterproofing - 10-Year Waterproofing

This carries a manufacturer's warranty for 10 years from the date of application. It uses a 5% polymer base and is applied at an average thickness of 40 mils.

Luxor Lifetime Waterproofing - 100% Rubber

New Construction Waterproofing - Luxor Lifetime Waterproofing

Our lifetime warranty waterproofing is a 40mil thick, 100% rubber membrane. "Luxor" as we call it, is a solvent free, rubberized coating designed to keep your basement protected from water intrusion, below grade. "Luxor" paired with our proven drainage systems, provide St. Louis homeowners with peace of mind, knowing their basements will remain dry.

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Rub R Wall Lifetime Waterproofing

Rub R Wall Lifetime Waterproofing

Rub-R-Wall® Aqua Waterproofing is a solvent free, all polymer coating which will provide a seamless membrane around the foundation wall. It can be directly applied to masonry, concrete or ICF walls.

Rub-R-Wall® CG Waterproofing is designed for commercial, industrial and institutional waterproofing applications. This all polymer membrane can be spray applied to both vertical and horizontal substrates including foundation walls, elevator shafts, slabs, planters, etc.

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Commercial Grade Waterproofing

Our commercial application inculdes the Luxor rubberized coating, and adds the DrainMax Sheet Drain. This system provides extreme protection from the belowgrade elements to ensure your commercial structure will remain dry.

Interior Channel System Installation

Additional services

Interior Channel System

We use and install our proprietary interior channel system product whenever possible. It was designed by us specifically for the St. Louis area. Our molds are a high quality, cost effective solution to prevent water seepage through the cove joint where the foundation wall meets the slab.

Interior & Exterior Drainage Systems

Overview of New Construction Waterproofing Diagram

Quality Waterproofing highly recommends a drainage system to be installed in conjunction with any of the services listed above. We install traditional drain tile and strip drain systems to meet the needs and budget of every contractor and homeowner. Quality Waterproofing is the leading provider of traditional drain tile systems in St. Louis because our sister company, Gravelshooters, is the only company in St. Louis that has the equipment needed to quickly and cost effectively cover the traditional drain tile systems in clean gravel. We offer both 3" and 4" "flexible" drain tile systems that are enclosed with filter cloth to prevent clogging. We can also provide hard PVC pipe systems at the contractor's request.

We also install strip drain systems of both 6" and 12" in size. This system provides exterior drain tile without the requirement of clean filtration rock. We stock strip drain material in our warehouse for quick delivery and installation.

Sump Buckets & Sump Pumps

We install high quality Prinsco sump buckets which have a proven track record of high performance and durability. Large, custom designed sump buckets for specialized applications or highly sensitive areas are available for use depending on the job type.

Quality Waterproofing installs Liberty 1/3 HP corrosion resistant sump pumps. Equipped with stainless steel components and lubricated bearings, all of our Liberty pumps include a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

If you are building a new home and want to make sure it is properly waterproofed, contact us today to get a quote and more information.

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