Termite Pretreatment in St. Louis

Commercial Termite Pretreatment St. Louis

Termites can pose a major threat to commercial and industrial properties in St. Louis. Pure Pest offers Termite Pretreatment services for new construction.

Termites play an important role in the ecosystem, and maintain nature’s balance by breaking down various plant material including dead wood. There are more than 2,600 known species of termites worldwide, and of those, nearly 50 are found in North America. However, when termites invade commercial property, they become a major threat.

Pure Pest Termite Pretreatment Service

  • Treat the entire foundation, including vertical walls area around foundation
  • Treat base-layer that is under to-be-poured concrete
  • Product is rated to last for five years
  • Applied to the outside around the foundation area in addition to under any area that concrete will be poured.