New Construction Piering

Helical Piers

Helical Piers for new construction projects are specifically designed to eliminate shifting and moving in unstable soil, as well as improve the structural integrity of foundations. Unlike concrete, which can settle and break over time, helical piers are driven deep into the earth below active soils so that your home or business is anchored in stable soils.

Helical piles have significant load bearing capacity and are used in both compression (downward) and tension (uplift) applications.

Settlement of a foundation of your home or business, is an issue you should address as soon as you notice the problem. Failure to correct foundation settlement using steel piers may create much bigger issues if the problem is not corrected. New construction piers will prevent future foundation problems.

We estimate helical pile capacity by correlation to installation torque:

Qu = KT

Qu = Ultimate Pile Capacity (lb)
K = Capacity to Torque Ratio (ft-1)
T = Installation Torque (ft-lb)

The capacity to torque ratio can vary with soil conditions and the size of the pile shaft; load testing is the best way to determine project specific K-values. New construction pier placement is determined by the builder, engineer or installation contractor depending on the load of the structure and the bearing strength of the soil.