Additional Concrete Services

In addition to our services for lifting, raising, and leveling concrete using mudjacking or even polyjacking, we offer services for sealing the joints between concrete slabs as well as void filling.

Joint Sealing

We offer joint sealing on concrete slabs to be both functional and cosmetically appealing. When we implement joint sealing on basement slabs, it can prevent radon gas from escaping into the home. Joint sealing on the exterior of the home is aesthetically pleasing and can provide positive water drainage under certain conditions.

Patio Concrete Joint Sealing
Patio Concrete Joint Sealing
Sidewalk Concrete Joint Sealing

Void Filling

We can fill voids with poly foam or mud jacking materials depending on the situation. We can fill voids under sidewalks, driveways, garages, basement floors, or any place you have a concrete slab that is in danger of sinking. Filling the voids under slabs helps prevent further settlement of concrete and can help prevent future erosion.

Concrete Void Filling