Quality Care Club

Quality Waterproofing will inspect and service waterproofing system(s) and/or foundation repairs once a year, for $139/year.

Services Covered


  • Cycle and clean test sump pump operations
  • Clean sump system liner of sediment and silt
  • Check battery backup system
  • Flush & flood test system as necessary
  • Evaluate discharge line(s) & potential for freezing
  • Inspect grading and downspouts

Foundation Stabilization

  • Assess benchmarks
  • Inspect grading and downspouts
  • Inspect foundation walls for cracks, efflorescence
  • Or water stains

Wall Stabilization

  • Re-tighten wall anchors to appropriate torque
  • Evaluate tie backs and/or wall anchor plates
  • Remove excess anchor rod
  • Perform inspection of foundation and grading

Indoor Air Quality & Dehumidification

  • General cleaning of unit & ductwork for unit
  • Check relative humidity set point
  • Check air filter and perform air flow test
  • Air quality test and report


Residential $139.00 per annual visit. Quality Care Club members-only receive 5% discount on any future purchases at this address.


Quality Care Club agrees to inspect and service your waterproofing system(s) and/or foundation repairs with qualified technicians. The agreement shall be payable in advance and will be rendered as outlined in this agreement. These shall be performed during Quality Waterproofing normal business hours at a time mutually agreeable for both parties. There is no warranty express or implied in connection with this maintenance agreement and in no event shall Quality’s liability exceed the cost of the service agreement itself ($139.00).

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