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The Signs of Poor Yard Drainage

The Signs of Poor Yard Drainage 1. Clogged Gutters Clogged gutters are a tell-tale sign of problems to come. Clogs force water that should be draining down the downspouts to flood over the edge of the gutter and pool too close to the foundation – potentially ruining sliding and paint in the process. Clogged gutters are obvious in a downpour; other signs include streaks of dirt on the outside of gu...

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Making Your Basement More Livable

Making Your Basement More Livable Let’s face it - sometimes finishing the basement just isn’t in the budget. Instead of leaving the basement empty or utilizing the whole basement as a large storage area, consider expanding your living space with these simple fixes. Area Rugs – Area rugs are a much cheaper option than carpeting the entire floor. Area rugs define a space and give it a cozier feel. H...

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Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance While checking off all those items on your spring cleaning list, don’t forget to clean out the gutters as well. Gutters that aren’t properly maintained allow debris to build up in the gutters, which can cause water to pool up against the fascia boards or overflow too close to the foundation below. Prep for Cleaning Make sure that it hasn’t rained in a while, as clea...

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DIY Leak Detection

DIY Leak Detection In most cases, the amount of water running into a home is measured for utility billing. Sudden increases in the water bill may not actually be due to price increases, but a leak somewhere in a home’s water supply lines. Even a slow, seeping water leak wastes gallons of water and has the potential to create high utility bills and damage over time. Though water leaks are often due...

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Basement Flooding Clean-Up

Basement Flooding Clean-Up Homeowners typically understand that water infiltration and leaks can be expensive, but many may not be aware of how expensive it can be. Even with just an inch of standing water, carpets, flooring, hard wood, drywall, baseboards, electronics, and furniture can be destroyed. Mold grows rapidly in moist environments, and can produce health concerns such as asthma and othe...

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