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Polyjacking Vs. Mudjacking

Polyjacking Vs. Mudjacking Like all things, when we have a method it works as well as we expect it too. This was true with many inventions, such as the cell phone, the automobile, the computer, etc. They all get better and better over time as we develop them. This is no different when referring to concrete raising. Mudjacking used to be the best method to use should you need your concrete slab lif...

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Benefits of Sump Pumps

Benefits of Sump Pumps What is a Sump Pump? Think of a sump pump as essentially being a water pump. Its task is to move water from your basement to the exterior of your home. This system is an integral part of any basement waterproofing system. Different types of sump pumps There are two different types of sump pumps; Pedestal style sump pumps, and Submersible style sump pumps, each with their own...

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Protecting Your Basement After Heavy Rain

Protecting Your Basement After Heavy Rain So let's say it rains, and your basement takes on significant amounts of water? Nobody wants to deal with damaged valuables or large amounts of water in their basement. There are two ways that this happens. One, is that one of the components in your basement waterproofing system has gone kaput. Or two, you don't have a waterproofing system in your basement...

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Preparing For Spring - Basement Waterproofing

Preparing For Spring Spring and Summer are finally uppon us here in St Louis. However, It is important to remember that with spring comes heavy rains and severe storms. Both last year and the year before we experienced a high level of flooding in St Louis. This flooding caused property damage, basement flooding, and even left some families without a place to call home. Our staff at Quality Waterpr...

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How Polyjacking Works

Polyjacking is a term used for a method of concrete lifting that involves the use of a poly-foam compound. In this method of concrete lifting an expanding poly-foam compound is injected underneath your sunken concrete slabs at key points to raise it to its proper level and to also provide a deterioration resistant support material underneath the slab. The process is simple and can be completed in ...

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